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Non listed products


Over the years I have made many different things - not all featured here because some are one offs and unrepeatable, others are current 'stock' items but haven't made it as far as the internet.  Yet.  I will eventually get around to listing more but until I tried it - I had NO idea how long, difficult and time consuming it is to compose product details, assess delivery costs and amass good, well shot product photos.  A few of the things that are not going to land up here are one off designs, vintage buckled belts and archery related goods – which leads nicely into a link:  my old website has images and details of archery items, a gallery, tooling examples and a glossary of terms.  In case you are interested…. Google standard.archery
Please contact me if you would like details of any item not listed and I will email you with availability, pics, shipping costs etc.