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Needle Case Book


It is a book, sort of - this lovely, tactile leather case is a practical solution for storing needles, pins, safety pins and tatting hooks, the robust leather ensures those sharp points will stay inside the felt pages where they belong.  Stylish and neat, feature hand stitching with leather thonging, our logo on the back and inscribed lines to the front and edges for definition.  
These are made from the same leathers hand picked for pencil cases and small bags; colours and types of leather will vary but the majority are currently black, gray or tan, if you order more than one I will pick out a selection; if there is a particular colour or shade you would like please contact me and I’ll do what I can.   The four ‘pages’ are in white felt, the one shown with needles is the one I've been using for five years, so please don't ask for that one, its almost family!

Size:  Height 89mm, width 62mm, thickness 12 - 15mm.
These measurements will vary slightly (up to 5%) due to use of natural materials.

Delivery for up to 6 Needle Case Books:
UK £0.70.  Airmail:  To Europe £3, rest of the world £3.50
Please contact for multiples/mixed item order rates.