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Mystery Braid, Puzzle Plait Bracelet


Extraordinary – a bracelet with two braided sections, a plain mid section decorated with a very simple rivet and a self material fastening, stylish and chic.  Made from a single strip of full leather cut, crafted and styled so neatly that its simplicity is impressive.  The key hole/latch ends sit inside the bracelet for a secure, discreet fastening.  It is a trick, of sorts, but also a puzzle because it can be undone and re - plaited (with practice).  A bracelet and curio in one.   Colours, thicknesses and types of leather depend on those currently in our workshop
I often fiddle with a puzzle plait and have used them on straps and belts for ages.  A puzzle in a wearable form seemed like a good idea.  What if you can't remake it?  Google 'Mystery Braid' for diagrams and videos - please don't ask me to explain in an email!  You need to see how to do it, words just won't help much.
Size:  Available in small (internal 6.5 - 7”, 17 - 18cm), medium (8”, 20cm) and large (8.5 – 9”), sizes are offered as a guide only as the braided sections may stretch or stiffen depending on the way its worn and the leather used.  Width strip used .75”, 20mm.  Please specify colour preferances.
Flat rate postage only available on checkout.  Our UK courier/postage charges may be considerably less for small items – please email us your order for UK, EU and rest of the world Air Mail to receive adjusted delivery rates as listed below:
UK up to four bracelets £0.70.  Airmail to Europe £3, rest of the world £3.50