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Ministry Bag


Solid, traditional, stylish and ahead of fashion,  large enough for a 17” laptop, books, folders, legal papers, most tech or small tools and often lunch too.  Hand crafted individually from vegetable tanned leather that will darken and mature over the years to an enviable depth of dark tan reminiscent of a conker.  Almost indestructible, site, office and monsoon proof (no, really, one of our customers was delighted he’d taken it to the Indian office with him).  Made with great attention to detail; straps are firmly riveted, the top reinforced by a resilient strip of sole thickness leather to spread the load from the unique, hand crafted handle.  The shoulder strap is adjustable, can be tucked inside the case if not required.  Seams are saddle stitched with linen thread, the buckles solid cast in brass with rollers on front straps, the only treatment this has had, except for handcrafting, is a light coating of natural oils.  A practical size to use and carry through crowds or workshops, sling across your shoulder while you are cycling or stow in your vehicle.  Will it last?  Long enough to become a part of your life - and it will still be in vogue.  The initial colour will vary depending on the characteristics of the hide., they really are individual, the trio shown are an unoiled, newly finished case, one that went unusually dark with oiling and a used case (over 2 years old) showing the increasing depth of colour with age.  This can be accelerated by liberally spraying the case with rain/distilled water and leaving in the sun to dry naturally.  The case will mature – the user need not!
Lead time for manufacture up to 15 working days.  
Size:  (External, excluding handle), height 12.25” (310mm), width 15.75” (403mm), depth 4.5” (114mm).   All body leather approx. 2.8mm thick, straps 3 – 4mm thick.
UK courier £9.80 with insurance, Priority Tracked (estimated at present rates, for current rates please contact) EU £78, US and Canada £90.