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Leather Drawstring Pouch


Leather drawstring pouch, dice bag.  This is what you’ve needed to keep small items safe (since you were about three?).  Perfect for presenting a small gift, coins, keys, dice, jewelry, cufflinks, good luck charms and all the weird, important small stuff that big and little people want to keep safe.  It is small enough to fit into most pockets but large enough to be useful, as a guide, you could keep a tennis ball in one - if you really wanted to.  
Hand made in lovely, soft leather, these individually tanned, handpicked hides will have variations in colour and texture that add to their quality.  
If you order more than one I will pick out a selection – unless you stipulate otherwise.
These are the only items I machine stitch to avoid adding bulk or stiffness but that doesn’t show, the pouches are so timeless they could be used for anything from Saxon re-enactment to Gaming Dice.  
Size: Height 150mm (6”), top (open) width 150mm (6”).   Leather 1mm - 1.5mm thick (ish).  These measurements will vary slightly (up to 5%) due to use of natural materials.