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Books and reading are never out of vogue and reading is cool again, so this is what you need; a bookmark for all bibliophiles.  Tactile and attractive, these stylish bookmarks are individually crafted from vegetable tanned leather, embossed with a leaf or Celtic knot (and our logo), decoratively edged, lightly stained to give an aged appearance and finally treated with an acid free finish.  
There are three basic designs featured:  Autumn Leaf with a cut out leaf at the top, either plain or coloured in a dark green stain (210 - 224 mm x 45 – 48 mm).  Rectangular, a leaf in the body of the rectangle with the embossed leaf lined in black (215 mm x 47-50 mm).  Celtic – with a circular Celtic Knot on a domed top, either plain or with dark lining to the knot (210 – 220 mm x 40 mm).  No two are exactly the same, if you have a distinct preference please let us know, if you order more than one we will send a selection.  (All measurements will vary slightly due to use of natural materials)

Flat rate postage only available on checkout.  UK courier/postage charges may less for small items – please email us your order for UK, EU and Rest of the World Air Mail to receive adjusted delivery rates as listed below:
Delivery for 1 - 6 bookmarks:
UK £0.70.  Airmail:  To Europe £3, rest of the world £3.50
Please contact for multiples/mixed item order rates.